I have been to overseas trip to Hawaii before.

When I went to Taiwan last month.

When I went to Taiwan last month. Everything was a free plan so we had to investigate them all by themselves. Before going, I thought that the word would be managed anyhow, but this is pretty. Especially when using a public vehicle, when you buy a ticket I wrote only local language, so I do not know how far I can buy, listening to the station staff in English, if communication can not be taken well, if I was at a loss The salaried workers who were in line bought a ticket to where we wanted to go. If this person did not call me you might have given up. Even then, if you were stuck at the map and stuck, the passing people gave us a call, and when the meal was served the staff's ladies served a lot of help. When I saw a person in need, I thought that it was a part lacking a little bit in Japan now, which makes me feel more kindly. This trip was flapping with such feeling, but I had a lot of good encounters and it was fun. In the case of

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