I have been to overseas trip to Hawaii before.

This is when I went to New Zealand.

This is when I went to New Zealand. The schedule of the person who was supposed to go together changed and I decided to go to Austria in Europe. However, since I already finished all the arrangements already, I decided to go to New Zealand alone because I can not help it. The destination is a small town called Methven. I checked it with guide books, such as the way the earth walked, but as long as I did not have a acquaintance, I did not decide where to stay. I arrived at the site, but when I looked for a place like a cheap backpacker that could stay for a long time, I could not find it, and at first I stayed at a high price lodge. When I was there, the budget was about to disappear soon, but it seemed that the couple of the lodge understood this situation, I called the neighborhood association and introduced Mr. Wendy It is. He was, of course, a Caucasian, but he was able to speak Japanese and introduced homestays for free to the Japanese who came to the site. At that time I really felt like God. The people who lived there were warm, and it was a wonderful memories that I stayed there for a while.

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